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Thao Nguyen_drip_2019_photo courtesy of

First Site Gallery and Counihan Gallery
Recipient of The PEOPLE'S CHOICE Award in the 2019 Moreland Summer Show.

PVA fabric, red ink, white trimmings and hanger.

Drip (2019) is a raincoat that is sewn from PVA fabric. Excerpts from the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 Australia was laboriously transcribed onto this fabric as an artistic query into the effectiveness of the current legal framework created to protect women’s right to be free from sexual harassment and violence. Just as a water-soluble raincoat is ironically ineffectual, so may be the written laws as a guarantee safety net for all Australian women. It proposes that wearer is adorned with a false form of protection. The artwork questions whether the legislative and administrative appearance of equality from the Australian government is reality. It recognises that change in the behaviours, attitudes and structures that endorses inequality, is pivotal to progress. Furthermore, it pushes for the values promised in these written laws to go beyond mere formal equality and that there should be more considerate development of initiatives to encourage community embracement of these anti-discriminatory values

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