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Altona Beach

PVA fabric, red ink, red thread and clothes rack.

words in water (2019) was a durational performance that was installed in the tides of Altona beach in Victoria, Australia. The artwork focussed on the event in which Australia signed a global agreement that aimed to respond to the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Projections provided by the Australian government (March 2019), shows that Australia is not on track to achieving the target it agreed to in The 2016 Paris Agreement. Pieces of the PVA fabric was laboriously inscribed with articles and promises from The 2015 Kyoto Protocol and The 2016 Paris Agreement. As the tides of the ocean come in, the fabric slowly submerges into the water and each line of these global contracts disappear, highlighting that the words are just empty promises unless backed with measurable actions. The ragged remnant of the installation is a reminder of the urgency for much needed action against climate change. 

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